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Fascinated by love, dance and living life on my own terms, wedding photography became an outlet for me to showcase my talents while sharing unique moments of a wedding day.  


I have been shooting professionaly for 6 years and honestly never saw myself where I am today. I started shooting in night clubs just to make ends meet. 


With a wife and 3 beautiful daughters I needed a way to subsdize my household income while I was out of work. One day I was asked to assist on a wedding day and I fell in love. 


Having both a creative and military  IT project management background, It felt like the best of both worlds. I could be creative while leveraging both my miltary and corporate skills.


My approach to wedding story telling is a wholistic approach, searching for the unique untold story that only reveals itself on the wedding day. I believe this is what makes me and my style unique. Taking into consideration unexpected details, expressions of the day all while maintaining a keen focus on the bride and groom. 


My greatest accomplishment and what I am most proud of is that I get to be the best example for my children by doing what I love while providing a lifestyle thats second to none.


If your looking for creativety, peace of mind and unforgettable imagery on your wedding day then lets schedule a chat to discuss the intimate details of your wedding day..


Thanks for stoping by my digital studio.  

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